About L.M.D

With our roots being set in 2010, it’s been a wonderful journey of many great partnerships and projects. Take some time to visit the past, present and future of L.M.D.

The Luvily Vision

In 2010, Luvily Media Designs started establishing its wonderful journey of designing and creating to help business’ in need. Over the past 13 years, many great partnerships have come to fruition through working together to create countless successful projects. With superior customer service, knowledge of all design aspects and a love for helping business grow, we look forward to getting to know creating a long-tern partnership you can count on.

Our Specialties

Design Assets

Graphic Design

Web Design

Motion Design

Marketing Assets

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media

Key Demographics

Web Assets

Web Design / Maintenance

Video Filming / Editing

Ecommerce Support

Creative Process

Below are the SIX steps that we like to apply to our creative process. Implementing these steps, along with proactivly working with our clients, leads to a succesful design strategy.


The first stage of the design process is to understand the perspective of your target audience without any judgement or assumptions.


The second stage of the design process is to define the problem statement clearly in human-centered terms rather than focused on business goals.


Once the problem is apparent, it’s time to  address those unmet needs. The ideation stage marks the transition from identifying problems to exploring solutions. 



Through trial and error, it’s time to identify which of the possible solutions can best solve the identified problem. Usually, these are samples to present and get feedback from the people they are intended to serve.


The combination of work and information come together to test in the final stage. The difference is that you are showing them your prototype to get feedback on whether or not it solves the problem.


With all your samples, feedback and hard work behind you, it’s time to present the final product. This will represent the key ideas and eliminate the exact problem statement identefied throughout the process.